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  • OsnoVa to nowe #wydawnictwo na polskim rynku wydawniczym. Jest powiązane ze środowiskiem @vogue.polska i będzie specjalizowało się w literaturze non-fiction 📚📖📷
Pierwsza pozycja to "Punkty Zwrotne" (wydanie dwujęzyczne, ang. "Turning Points") - pięknie wydany album poświęcony osobom, które współtworzyły i współtworzą polską kulturę.
Polecam i czekam na kolejną książkę, która - według zapowiedzi - będzie poświęcona Virginii Woolf, a przełożyła ją z j. angielskiego pewna znana #feministka. Sama mi o tym opowiedziała podczas wczorajszego wieczoru otwierającego działalność wydawnictwa 😊🌞✌😼
Dziękuję za inspirujący wieczór @osnovapublishing ! Świetna mieszanka gości 🍸😘 Bawiłam się na najwyższym poziomie 👌💞
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  • If you're feeling like a #Monday, please remember that someday you'll be #Saturday night.
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  • Do you know that two weeks from now @vogue.polska will be celebrating its first anniversary?
I am so happy with my subscription of the magazine being delivered to my #countryhouse every month. I have to say that the current one (with @joannakulig_official on its cover) is my favourite, so far. I enjoyed the articles, I liked the recommendations (like the #Dior exhibition at the @vamuseum in London - meet me there in April) and the beautiful fashion photographs like this one by photographer @txemayeste - Chapeau bas Mr. Yeste and @shanellenyasiase - the #model 💟
I've been designing my new walk-in closet and the master bedroom when I've noticed what a perfect match the #floral #wallpaper by @casadeco_official would be with the excuisite #hautecouture dress by @eliesaabworld 👘🍸🌌 So, let's work on that!
And then, let's create an occasion to wear it.
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  • 2019 is the Year of the Artist.
The female artist, to be exact.
I've just returned from my trip to Freiburg and Basilea, where I was lucky to attend the world premiere of the play Bartholomäusnacht by Jan Czapliński and Michael Billenkamp. The director of stage design was amazing @anna_krolikiewicz and she was the reason for my trip to Freiburg in the first place 🍸🌞 Then, coming back home I have discovered a beautiful postcard from and by the Polish Queen of Painting @poladwurnik (Thank you so much, my dear 💟) You can see it in the left corner of the first photo - the Queen expecting her first-born 👶
The book, however, is a gift from my Mom. It's depicting the clothes of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. That one had been waiting for me too 😊☀ What a stunning prophecy, since me and my artsy @su_szafran have been talking about Mexico lately 🐚🌼🌞🏖🏝
BTW, it is divine Su who's going to join me at the opening of THE art event in 2019 - "The Cleaner" by Marina Abramović @abramovicinstitute at @cswtorun on 8th March. And, yes, the artist will be present!
But wait!!! 🎶🎼🎧🎤
Only two weeks later @erykahbadu is going to perform in @szczecin_floating_garden
Oh my Goddess!
What a year, what a year...
"I think I need a cup of tea
The world keeps burnin'"
Damn, ya'll feel that??!
Living this life like #diamondsandpearls...
#lifeisbutadream #femaleartists #music #fridakahlo #erykahbadu #marinaabramović #poladwurnik #joy #femalepleasure #art
And, thank you @leinad_kubiak for Adele from Vienna 🌌🌌🙏

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